Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Food Directory

Here is a list of food reviews/ posts that I have done over the past years. Do note that some of the older posts are jumbled up with a couple of other restaurants and random stuff! I have also categorized the posts for your reading convenience!

Enjoy reading! ☺

I am also open to food-tasting invites, if you are interested in engaging me for any events, feel free to contact me at

Astons (Here & here)
Swensens (Here & here & here)
Lenas @ MOF (Here & here)

Ramen Santouka (Here & here)

Cafes/ Waffles/ Pancakes:
DoggieStyle Cafe (Dog-friendly)

Cafebiz @ Traders Hotel (Here & here)

Steamboat & Hotpot:
Jumbo Jpot (Herehere)

Teppanyaki/ BBQ:

Fast Food/ Others:

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