Wednesday, 15 March 2017

BE.ST Organic Beauty Review | More Foam = Less Dirt

I used to have really bad break outs on my face, and although it has improved over the years, my complexion has always been substandard. I tend to have oily T zone and sometimes working in the kitchen as a baker really escalates the issue, causing me to have pimples and black/white heads. Having bad complexion dampens my confidence issue and I sometimes rely on concealer to cover up the acne on my face. But this only solves the surface of the problem, and in fact made my break out worse most of the time. But BE.ST Organic facial products have really made a huge positive impact on my facial complexion. And I'm not saying this because the products are sponsored, I have actually been using their products for the past half a year as a legit customer.

I'm currently only using a few of their full series - Balance Cleansing Jelly, Cleansing Milk and Organic Bulgaria RoseOtto Hydrosol.

The most common cause of breakout is usually due to not washing your face thoroughly. The dirt on your face will usually cause bacteria to grow, pimples just keep appearing, and they spread... such horror.

BE.ST Organic Ylang Ylang Oat Balance Cleansing Jelly helps to remove impurities and oil from my face, without compromising on hydration. I have previously tried out other brands of facial cleanser, while they are quite effective in removing oil, the after effect made my skin felt really dry.

Usage: Apply an appropriate amount on your fingers, mix it with a small amount of water and rub it with both hands to generate bubbles and foam.

The trick to maximize the effective use is to actually create as much foam as you can (the more the merrier). And it actually makes washing my face a fun thing to do because I like to do silly things like challenging myself in creating more foam than before. Let's just say that it's not purely for the fun because I really do see the difference, and I feel so much more refreshed after the cleanse.

You can watch my video to see how I created the foam and massage it on my face. I have my eyes and lips make up on in this video but I removed my BB cream before cleansing my face.

Before you think that this product is absolutely magical in removing ALL acne. No, it doesnt.

But it really helps to speed up the process of acne recovery, as I have mentioned earlier, the cleansing step is really important, in fact the most. I'm really impressed with its effectiveness.

If you want to be a little more kiasu and have deeper cleansing, I suggest you use the Cleansing Milk Foam before the Balance Cleansing Jelly. It has a milky texture that dissolves purities, oil and any excess foundation left on your face (Removing make up can be so dreadful at times) Taking this little extra step makes a huge difference!

I also tried out the Revitalize Essence (Argan Oil and Rose Geranium), which helps in hydrating and moisturizing your skin. The main purpose of this product is to help against aging and fine lines, and is perhaps more suited for people who are concerned with their aging skin. The product is generally easy to use with a dropper. A bottle of 25 ml would probably last me the entire shelf life of this product as only a tiny drop is required for full application. Personally, I don't prefer using oil based products as I tend to have oily T zone.

The Bulgaria Rose Otto Hydrosol is my life-saver when it comes to red and sensitive skin, especially after my bath. No matter how much I try not to have my face in contact with hot water when I bathe, my skin still tends to react and there will be red spots and slight rashes. I usually spray this on my face to soothe my skin and reduce any acne inflammation and of course enjoy the extra benefits that comes along in this bottle - hydration. 

It's also a plus point that the product is made from organic ingredients. Many of the beauty products in the market have harsh chemicals that may create an allergic reaction to sensitive skin. Even if it doesn't show, it may still be potentially affecting your skin.

I'm so glad that BE.ST Organic has given me an opportunity to improve my complexion, and thank you for sending me all these beauty products to review. Stay tuned for my blog posts if you are interested to find out more about this brand!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Dim Sum Icon HK | Crayon Shin Chan

How I wish Dim Sum Icon is opened in Singapore so that I can enjoy cute cartoon dishes whenever I like, and it's also a legit time when I can play with my food! It's really clever of Dim Sum Icon to change the theme every year as it draws customers to return to their cafe again and again. This year's theme is Crayon Shin Chan. Although I don't , this character brings me back nostalgic childhood memories (It's a rated cartoon but not sure why I can watch it too hahaha)

Read my review on the previous Little Twin Stars here:

When we visit this place last year, the place was quite empty but this year it's packed with people! There were already people queuing ahead of us and it was not even lunch hour. But because of the 1 hour limit, we had a table within a short 15 minutes wait.

When I ordered the food, I just chose the cutest dishes and made sure that I had a variety of different designs.

We ordered both the Shin Chan peach drink & Shiro (Xiao Bai) chocolate drink (HKD 39 each). Let's not have too high expectations of the drink quality and take a minute to appreciate how cute and sexy Shin Chan's butt is. (In case you can't notice that wobbly piece of jelly)

Shin Chan Buttmilk Cotta (HKD 39) really has a butt-like jelly similar to the Peach drink. Can't help but shake that ass. 

Last year I had the same milk tarts but in Little Twin Stars design. (HKD 35)

And to the most exciting part (and also the star of the meal) - Shin Chan Steamed Chocolate Buns. (HKD 49) Sometimes the gross and supposedly disgusting element of the food is the reason why it's so popular. Or maybe the modern mindset has became more accepting towards the unconventional style and way of eating. 

Shin Chan is known for doing unsightly actions like exposing his "elephant' and butt and it's really amusing to see this in a 3d form on an edible bun. Oh! And maybe they should make custard filling for the 2nd bun instead.. HAHA. Anyway I made my brother "poke" the first bun and it was a disaster. The chopsticks didn't go through all the way and when he applied more pressure, the bun kinda burst with chocolate flying out from other directions. Wow wow Shin Chan, such a mess. 

Another play piece - Buri Buri Zaemon Steamed Egg Yolk Bun (HKD 49) for me to enjoy squeezing "mucus" out of the pig's nose. I cannot decide which is more gross. But just wait for the next picture... (not my idea btw!)

We also ordered Shin Chan's shrimp dumpling and seafood rice roll (HKD 49)which is made into his blanket. There's nothing to play with this dish but I thought it is quite cute to look at as well!

Over the whole tea break session, I think we took about 10 minutes to decide what to order, 20 minutes to wait for the food to arrive and slightly less than 30 minutes to finish up our food. I insist that we only wait for all the food to arrive before digging in, because our phones have to eat first! That's the whole purpose of coming to this cafe anyway. I really love sharing photos of themed cafes and it's definitely a plus point to play with your food before gobbling them up.

The prices are a little on the hefty side but given the creative and fun element with decent quality, I find it worth a visit, and surely a must-go if you are always hyped up about themed cafes like such. Dim Sum Icon offers a range of other ordinary common Dim Sum dishes too in case you are tight on budget and would just like to order 1 cartoon dish for fun.

Dim Sum Icon
The One, L308
100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Floral Garage Chinese New Years Flowers (PROMO Code)

After the festive Christmas season, Chinese New Year is here in a blink of an eye again! Time really flies; it feels like I was just at Hong Kong doing CNY visiting not too long ago and can’t believe I am heading to Hong Kong in less than a few days! Since my family and I are always not in Singapore during Chinese New Year for the last few years, our house is hardly decorated with any CNY décor. Thanks to Floral Garage once again for beautifying my place with this exclusive set of flower basket.

This stylish CNY flowers are actually exclusive and decorated with freestyle by their own florists - made with Laceleaf, Anthurium fillers, Purple caspia and White wax flowers! They are not sold in the store but fret not, Floral Garage has an extensive range of other beauties to pick from, I’m sure you can find something lovely in there too!

This potted plant is quite an interesting and unique piece as I have never come across flowers like these, which resembles leaves in reddish tones. I was actually expecting the flowers to come in the usual pink floral blossoms that you see everywhere in shopping malls. I was really surprised with the outcome and if you’re looking for something different, you can definitely approach Floral Garage.

I think that the best gifts for Chinese New Year visiting are still hampers – also more practical as well. If you have no idea what to get, just order hampers. Comparing to flowers, I think I would rather receive hampers during CNY too (Especially those with food of course!) 

After Chinese New Year, very soon it will be another season of giving, but to your girlfriend/ wife instead! Floral Garage will be having a storewide 30% promotion for all Valentine's Day flowers. (Order before 25 January 2017, tomorrow is the last day! HURRY guys) After which you may proceed to use my exclusive reader promo code below ;)

I just cannot stop emphasizing on the variety that Floral Garage offers. They have small to large bouquets to suit different kind of budgets and styles, in which you may not necessary have to burn a hole in your pocket anymore!

Quote  MONICEXFG15 for 15% discount off storewide items except for Valentine's Day products! 

This promo code is also available for lifetime so you can enjoy the discount on any occasions and anytime of the day when you wish to surprise you loved one or even plan for a party/event!

Thank you Floral Garage for this collaboration once again! 

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Pottery and Glass-making Workshop at Kyushu Japan

Over the span of my holiday experiences yearly, I find myself more inclined towards animals, food and fun activities. I guess taking a few OOTDs is mandatory occasionally during the trip, I don't really fancy sightseeing especially during cold weather. (Or maybe I'm just plain lazy). On the other hand, DIY and hands-on activities is something that I will definitely consider to add into my itinerary. Better even with local cooking classes maybe?

When I went to Taiwan many years ago, we had a short pottery-making session, which allowed us to bring back our "masterpiece". I vaguely remember that it was quite interesting in having the opportunity to really feel how the process is like, but I wanted something more than that, which was achieved during this pottery-making experience at Kyushu.

The workshop even had a Chinese translator on the day of our visit, which was perfect as there’s always communication barrier when it comes to speaking with Japanese.

As we only wanted to have a piece of experience to customize our handmade pottery, we picked the cheapest option available – a tea cup. I didn’t want to put the money to waste (My previous pottery art piece is chucked somewhere which I threw away after some time). I decided to do a presentable piece for my dad to use as his new tea cup instead!

A sensei (teacher in Japanese) guided us with the proper steps to form a decent shape of a cup by putting an appropriate amount of pressure onto the clay spinning machine. We also have to wet our hands in order to keep the clay sticky and pliable.  Personally, I find it quite easy to form simple shapes by moulding with your hands. Anyway, if you really mess things up, you can always redo again. I was tempted to do really weird and outstanding designs but it would be really uncomfortable to drink from the cup, so I stick to the conventional cup size and design, which also gave me ample space for doing my carving later (Best part of the whole process in my opinion).

The clay dries up pretty quickly without water and we are able to lift it up carefully to bring it to our worktable for the carving decorations. My bro opted for the tribal design while I decided to go for my family’s zodiac in cartoon style. I think every animal looks so cute except for the rooster haha. I especially love the dragon! Complex drawings are also more interesting to work on. To make it more personalized, I also carved a character beside each cartoon to represent each and every of us in the family! 

As we didn’t have sufficient time, the final work will be done by the sensei, he will complete the finishing touches before heating the pottery to make it into a final product. We paid for courier service to send it to Japan and my dad will be collecting it when he goes there for business trip. EXCITED TO SEE THE FINAL PIECE!!

We proceeded with the glass-making workshop after that. I had high hopes about this as I have seen videos on Facebook before. The process seems really challenging and fun at the same time. I've also always wondered how glass displays are made. 

The heat was really quite intense near the “oven” where we have to soften the glass in order to mould the shape. Both my bro and I picked the Seashell design (it’s the only design that stands out). 

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that we were not given more opportunity to experience the real glass-making process. I suppose it’s because we are not familiar with the machines and there is safety precautions.

But I am still really happy with the final product! Can't believe I made this keychain (with some help of course!) The mixture of different blue tones makes the keychain such a beautiful piece. Even though there's not much DIY components in this workshop, it is perfect for a handmade gift for someone if you have no idea what to get for him/her. Besides keychains, you can even learn how to make other glasswares but of course it comes with a higher price tag as well. The keychain is a more affordable choice if you just want to have a touch of glass-making experience.

Monday, 16 January 2017

A Better Florist | The Priscilla

Flowers can be given on almost any occasions and all MOST girls will love it no matter what. At least for me! A Better Florist have kindly offered me any choices of bouquet from their website. Since it was close to my mum’s lunar birthday, I wanted to surprise her with one during the dinner. Out of all the designs that were available on their web, these two caught my attention.

The Evangeline with a royal combination of purple and white has a more elegant style which was also their perfect pick. Purple is my mum's favourite color. However, I preferred to choose something more colourful and bright for her birthday surprise. 

The Priscilla was my final choice, also approved by my dad and bro! YAY. 

A Better Florist also offered to write a customized handwritten card to my mum.

Instead of providing a hundred options, A Better Florist believes in picking out a special selection of the best flowers in season. The flowers are also sourced directly from flowers farms at Cameron Highlands in order to provide the freshest flowers at affordable prices.

A Better Florist delivers flowers same-day everywhere in Singapore WITHOUT any delivery charges.

Since they only handpick the best flowers according to season, some designs are only limited to certain days, so be sure to grab them real quick before they are sold out!

I love the happy and cherry vibe from the white daises combined together with elegance from the hot pink roses. It's not a typical romantic bouquet of roses, but definitely pleasing to the eyes, and really suitable for birthday occasions as well. I love the simple decor using just brown strings which gives that rustic floral garden feel. And since it already came in such a pretty-looking vase, I don't have to transfer the flowers myself! The only downside is that the flowers are bundled tightly together, making it a little challenging to change the water.

When I checked the website again, I saw this bouquet and I'm totally in love - The Claudia, a complex and stunning combination of different flowers. I would have totally chosen this if it was available on the day of delivery that I have selected. But it's okay! My mum loves the one I chose too!

Ending the post with a happy photo of us ;)