Sunday, 20 August 2017

Pot Addiction SG 吃锅瘾 at Sun Plaza | Mookata, Korean BBQ and Hotpot

Pot Addiction SG (吃锅瘾 = literally 吃过瘾) is a newly opened restaurant at Sun Plaza (Sembawang) and a hidden gem for Mookata, Korean BBQ and Hotpot lovers!

Now you don't have to debate with your friend on dining choices anymore. Enjoy the best of both worlds just by topping up $12 for a duo hotpot per table (Up to 4 pax). Buffet price starts from $14.90 for lunch and $22.90 for dinner, which is seriously super affordable for the quality they are providing.

For steamboat choices, you can pick from the different soup bases - Ma La, Herbal Chicken, Tom Yum, Chicken, Tonkotsu, Mushroom or more. Ma La and Herbal Chicken wasn't to my liking but I really enjoyed the Tonkotsu and Tom Yum during my other visit.

The Tom Yum had the right balance of sourness and spiciness, which was the exact type of Tom Yum soup I favour. Tonkotsu is a mild subtle taste of pork broth and is best for steamboat as I do not want the soup to be overpowering as well.

I was honestly quite impressed by the extensive variety of seafood, meat and steamboat items which are usually not offered elsewhere - Spicy Chicken, Thai Style Chicken, Pork Belly, Bacon, Beef Slices and more. I'm already salivating while writing this blog post!

Besides the impressive spread of food, the meat was also surprisingly very tender and easy to chew on, unlike some Korean BBQ restaurants that I have been to. On my 2nd visit, the pork belly cut was a little too thick though.

If you prefer something more premium, you can top up $5 for a plate of Ribeye slices, Lamb slices, Pomfret Fish or Abalone.

Premium top ups at buffet are usually way more expensive and are not really worth the money. $5 for such a huge plate is a great steal, especially if shared among a group of friends!

Bamboo clams, clams, prawns, scallops and squids are offered at the seafood counter, and I couldn't stop at just one plate. The freshness and quality cannot be comparable to seafood restaurants but you have to give credit to its decent taste given that this is a buffet. 

They really do have almost every common steamboat ingredient, which was really amazing for such an affordable price. Check out the cute owl fishcakes too!

Be spoilt for choices as you can pick from 26 different sauces and toppings! My personal favourite was the Satay sauce which had a very strong nutty flavor. Their homemade chilli sauce is also worth a try!

Top up $3 for a generous bowl of mixed cheese which is a great complement to pork or beef. Trust me, it's so sinfully addictive and it was my perfect "topping sauce" of the day . I love how the melted gooey cheese is still piping hot. Must try for CHEESE LOVERS, you will not regret! 

The only downside about Pot Addiction is that they do not offer any desserts, but they have plans to bring in some in the future.

Buffet Prices:


Lunch: $14.90++(A), $7.90++(C), $12.90++(Senior/Student)

Dinner: $22.90++(A), $8.90++(C), $20.90++(Senior/Student)


Lunch: $24.90++(A), $8.90++(C), $22.90++(Senior/Student)

Dinner: $24.90++(A), $8.90++(C), $24.90++(Senior/Student)

Children below 0.8m dines for free!

Add ons:

Hotpot: Add $12 (max 4 pax to 1 pot)

Tom Yum Mookata: Add $2 per pax

Cheese: Add $3

Pot Addiction SG 吃锅瘾

30 Sembawang Drive #02-14, Sun Plaza, Singapore 737718

Tel: +65 6481 3456

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Jpot Chilli Crab Soup @ Tampines One

Jpot Singapore has recently released a new iconic flavor for a distinct Singapore hotpot style - The Chilli Crab Soup! Jpot is already well-known for its Singapore flavored soup broth like Laksa and Ba Ku Teh but seriously, this hot and spicy chilli crab flavor just stepped up its game for Jpot. I am going to say YES to anything spicy! 

Jpot is currently offering the Chilli Crab set menu at a promotion of $52/set (U.P. $62.80). Alternatively, you may order ala-carte at about $20 per pot.

Needless to say, the set menu is more worth the money as it includes a variety of other seafood including live prawns, sliced squid, sliced toman fish, fish-balls, prawn balls, fish paste tofu, fried fish skin/ beancurd skin, and the second highlight of the set - deep fried mini buns.

I am suddenly thankful that my brother also loves spicy food as such.

Here are the instructions to finish your hotpot meal with the Iconic Chilli Crab. If you're confused, don't worry because the staff at Jpot will help you complete your chilli crab sauce when you are done with the steamboat portion.

Remember to save your crab for the best part! 

The "secret" to the delicious thick and gooey Chilli Crab Sauce is to add cornstarch and egg to your leftover soup broth, which helps to thicken the soup and turn it into sauce texture. 

You can't complete your Chilli Crab meal without these piping hot and fried Mantou buns. Other than condensed milk, it's a perfect combination with the sweet and spicy sauce. The buns are so delicious that it is quite difficult to stop at one.

Only 4 buns are included in the set menu, but you can top up from the ala-carte menu.

As usual, you will be spoilt for choices as Jpot offers different types of meat and seafood for you to pick from, which also caters to different budget. Pick from a selection of normal, premium or wagyu beef to satisfy your meat cravings. I recommend the premium sliced beef instead as I noticed a slight drop in standard for the Wagyu Beef (Not too worth it).

The rest are pretty much reasonable and of decent quality.

Jpot Outlets:
10 Tampines Central 1 #03-16
Tampines 1 Singapore 529536
Tel: 6532 3536

1 Harbourfront Walk #01-53
VivoCity Singapore 098585
Tel: 6273 3536

80 Marine Parade Road
#B-17 Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269
Tel: 6884 3536

Friday, 18 August 2017

[Food Tasting] Talay Kata @ Orchard Central | NEW Tom Yum Soup and Spicy Cheese Dip

I'm back at Talay Kata @ Orchard Central for a huge feast again! Not sure if you remember, but I wrote a review for them last year (Click HERE to read). They are back with a wider selection of food choices and a whole new Mookata experience - NEW Tom Yum Soup, Spicy Cheese Dip and a really huge platter of decadent seafood! 

Unlike most typical Mookata restaurants, Talay Kata offers different soup base varieties - the original Chicken soup, the all new Tom Yum and even unique flavours such as Salted Egg Yolk and Bonito Flavor. The Tom Yum could be a tad bit spicier (for my liking) but it would be great to share among the non-spicy lovers as well. But you know what? I'm just really glad that I can finally find a Mookata restaurant that serves Tom Yum soup! 

Have you ever tried getting up from your seat to the buffet counter several times just to find that your favourite dish has not been refilled? The seafood platter is here to save your cravings and kickstart your Mookata feast. It's a really generous portion for two -  fresh succulent lobsters, crayfish, scallops and prawns. Definitely more #instaworthy too. 

Talay Kata also serves a wider array of beef and pork, including marinated meat. I personally prefer the all-time favourite pork belly/ bacon which were quite juicy and fattening (It's a compliment and I don't mind the unhealthy fats for such delicacy). The marinated selection, on the other hand, suits those with a stronger palate. 

The Thai style cooked food choices were not only appetizing to look at, but had an authentic thai taste. We were told that the food are cooked by an authentic Thai chef! This explains why the food had such high standards even though they were served in a buffet.

The Tom Yum Chicken is one of my favourite - sour, spicy and so tantalizing. It's a little cold when you take it off the counter, I think it would taste better if u just BBQ it for a little while.

The Mama Big Bowl is included in every buffet session. Trust me, it's not like any other Maggi Mee noodles. The combination of the sweet, sour and spicy flavours were on point, and I could still feel the refreshing taste lingering in my imaginative taste buds even after a few weeks of eating it. 

The spicy cheese dip was a good complement to the overall meat dishes, adding a savoury taste without being too gelat. I prefer a spicier and "cheesier" kind of cheese but considering that the buffet is incredibly affordable, I would gladly enjoy the cheese dip.

We were so impressed with the food variety, though it was such a pity that we couldn't finish trying every single dish due to the huge portion of the seafood platter and Mama Big Bowl. Our tummies are greatly satisfied, ending the day with a food coma. 

Guess what? If you're coming on a weekday (Mon-Thurs), you don't even have to pay much to enjoy the same food as we did. 

Bring along your partner and enjoy 50% off the 2nd person! 
Let me do a quick calculation for you: After discount, each person will only be paying less than $26 nett! If you are in for a hearty meal, Talay Kata is a Mookata place you definitely wish to consider. 

Talay Kata
181 Orchard Rd, 08-04/05, Singapore 238896
Contact: 6634 0551

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Orchid Live Seafood @ Bah Soon Pah Rd | Lobster Porridge

I have been watching a new online series called Food King by NOC on Youtube recently and the hosts recommended Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant. Before I watched this show, I already knew about their signature Lobster Porridge as I am a huge fan of it! The hosts were left speechless with the flavours of the dish during the show and I was just nodding away, trying to convince my boyfriend how good the dish really is (He dislikes porridge btw, so much that it would be quite tough to make him eat it).

Orchid Live Seafood has 2 outlets: 1 Bah Soon Pah Rd (The outlet that we went toand 16 Jalan Kelulut.

There is a parking space just outside the restaurant but it can be quite difficult to get a parking lot as there isn't any designated parking lot, you can just park anywhere as long as you're not blocking someone's car or the road. The road is also super bumpy, which makes it even more challenging.

We also didn't manage to get a booking as they do not accept reservations for 2 pax. It was a short 10 minutes wait from 6:30pm but only outdoor seats were available that day. Anything for LOBSTER! 

We ordered the buddies set for $98 nett (2 pax) - Live Boston Lobster Porridge, Steven Chicken, Stir-fried Baby Kai Lan, Topshell Crispy Tofu, and Red Bean Ice-cream.

Fresh Coconut which tasted really sweet and refreshing! The flesh wasn't very easy to dig out though.

Everything served at Orchid Live Seafood, from simple dishes like the Vegetables to the main star (Signature Lobster Porridge) were close to perfection for us. The portion was quite generous for 2 pax and I haven’t even started on the taste of the dishes.

The baby Kai Lan was coated with the right amount of oil and the sweetness level was really good.

The tofu is unlike the common soft and silky texture. Instead, it resembles more of crispy tau pok, stir-fried with onions and tangy sauce. The spice level is quite minimal, but sufficient to entice you to take a second bite, or maybe more.

The skinny-looking Steven Chicken is their signature dish. Don't be deceived by the size of the drumlets because they are packed with so much flavours. I love the garlicky taste of it, but I felt that the meat could be a little more tender. If you like chewing on chicken bones, this is something for you. Anyway, chicken isn't a perfect chicken to me without the skin and bones.

And here comes the MAIN STAR of the day - Their SIGNATURE Lobster Porridge (Which is a magical combination of soup broth and rice). It is similar to the Teochew porridge and nothing like the usual thick and gooey congee.

The soup broth is bursting with the sweetness of the lobster, so much that I feel it may be overshadowing the lobster itself. (But then again, that's just my opinion) The lobster's freshness definitely deserves a mention too. And yes, the portion is definitely sufficient for two. If you are a small eater, you can even order this set for 3.

You can also order the other set menu for $88, but we just didn't mind paying $10 extra for a better quality Boston Lobster.

I have always loved dining at Orchid Live Seafood and I would definitely return again! 

Opening hours: 11am – 11pm (Daily)

Yishun Outlet:
1 Bah Soon Pah Road S769959
Tel : 6756 0311

Jalan Kelulut Outlet:
16 Jalan Kelulut S809033
Tel : 64842495