Monday, 20 November 2017

Best Extraction Facial at My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

Known as the Best Extraction Facial in Singapore, My Cozy Room Boutique Spa has exceeded my expectations so far. Housed in a heritage terrace shophouse along Cairnhill Road, My Cozy Room is a short 5-minute walk from Paragon Shopping Centre. Girls will be in for a sweet surprise as the spa is fully styled with a champagne white and gold Victorian theme, making me feel like a princess the moment I stepped into the spa.

In case you are wondering, My Cozy Room also uses BABOR products which is an internationally-renowned German skincare label. At least I know that I can entrust my face with a professional brand!

Credit: My Cozy Room
When brands are raved to be the best, I am sometimes skeptical about the true authenticity. After giving it a try, I can understand why it is known to be one of the best - minimal redness, painless extraction and most importantly, my face recovered within a week with tremendous improvement in terms of complexion and glow. (My helper actually commented that my face was glowing! Mind you, I just woke up without applying anything on my face at all. And this was already 2 weeks after the facial)

Speaking about my facial complexion, it really fluctuates from time to time. I suspect that the weekly hotpot and heaty food intake caused my breakouts recently. Itchy fingers are also culprit to my congested pores and blackheads around the T zone area. When things go bad on your face, it's never easy to get rid of them without a proper extraction.

This is a photo of my face before the Facial. You can notice some of the bumps on my face.

The facial started off with a facial cleanser to remove my make up, followed by a relaxing scrub using lactic clay and fruit enzyme mask. Compared to the usual exfoliating scrub which has the "sandy bits", this is more gentle to my sensitive skin.

Many people find that it's a nightmare to go through extraction, I had bad experiences before where I had to grab onto the blanket during the process because it was so painful. Surprisingly, the extraction was relatively painless and tolerable, except for some discomfort at the areas having an infection. The therapist was extra gentle with her hands and she kept checking with me if the pressure is alright.

WARNING: Don't watch if you're not a fan of pimple popping videos! Actually this isn't overly gross though.

I was so glad to clear out the impurities and blackheads on my face as it has been bothering me for quite some time.

I also kept checking with the therapist if my face was red because this was one of my greatest concerns when I had to attend some lunch party during that weekend. Thankfully, there were minimal redness after the thorough extraction. The ampoule that was used on my face was made of Microsilver concentrate, containing pure silver and also the highest form of antiseptic. My face was so pampered thanks to the BABOR facial products!

I was also given the Clinical LED facial therapy that comes with flashing red and blue lights. The red light works like a laser to stimulate cells beneath my skin and fight off bacteria. On the other hand, the blue light reduces acne tremendously - which is also a huge reason why my pimples and blackheads subsided so quickly after the facial. I know these looks like partying lights but it's not what you think. My brother say that the goggles make me look like terminator though..

Overall, I had a really satisfying experience at My Cozy Room and I was really impressed at how fast the redness subsided after the treatment. Even after 2-3 weeks, the results lasted quite well. All I had to do was to refrain my itchy hands from touching my face. It felt really good to have a more radiant complexion for a good few weeks or more! 

Credit: My Cozy Room
While this is a sponsored post, I have actually visited My Cozy Room about 2 years ago under my own account and I was already impressed with their service. I went for their first trial promotion for a spa treatment and I was actually a little concerned if there would be any hard-selling. Surprisingly, they were really sincere towards me and didn't push further when I told them that I wouldn't be interested in a package back then. This is something worth mentioning especially when hard-selling can be so common nowadays.

From my previous and recent experiences with My Cozy Room, I could tell that the therapists are really professional and passionate in what they do, which put me at ease as I don't usually accept collaborations with facial salons.

If you are keen to try out their Award-winning Customised facial treatment, you can enjoy their first-time promotion at $88 only! (90min; U.P $188) If you wish to go through a more intensive treatment, their Premium Illuminating facial treatment is also available at a first-time promotion of $144 (120min; U.P $288) (T&Cs apply)

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

56A Cairnhill Road
Singapore 229667
(5 min walk from Paragon Shopping Centre) 

Contact: 6732 0030

(Advanced bookings are highly recommended) 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Healthy Snacks with Made Real SG

Who says that you have to cut off all ties with snacks to eat healthy? Snacking is a real addiction especially when you are studying, working or watching the TV and I think it would be quite tough for some to entirely stop snacking on junk food. With Made Real SG, you can get your personalized snack box based on a mini quiz. This is a really smart idea for people facing dilemma issues with snacks and are also open to trying new flavours.

The quiz questions include your preference on snacks, health goals, allergies and dietary needs. Made Real SG will filter out the suitable snacks based on your requirements! If you prefer to have a full decision of your own snack box, that's perfectly fine as well!

Here are the results to my personalized snack box from Made Real. I didn't really fancy a few types in my results and I changed it to something else to my liking.

My Made Real Snack Box consists of 6 different packet of healthy snacks (50g each) - Salted Caramel Clusters, Eat your Greens, Honey Chili Nuts, Amazon Crunch, Fortune Mix and Jackie Chips!

Disclaimer: My photos do not represent the accurate quantity of each snack packet as I did not pour everything out. 

Eat your Greens

Eat your Greens appealed to me most probably because of a few reasons. The snacks are so colourful and vibrant, the name is really cute and it resembles chips the most. It's almost like consuming Vegetables, except 10x better than the real ones. I wouldn't say that this is completely healthy to eat on a daily basis, but if you can't stop snacking on unhealthy chips, perhaps this would be a viable alternative - well, at least it's more guilt-free! 

Amazon Crunch 

Amazon Crunch consists of cashew nuts, which are high in copper - an important mineral for your bones, skin and hair. Cashew nuts are one of my favourite nuts to snack on apart from hazelnut, macadamia nuts and pistachios! Warning: These are highly addictive too! 

Fortune Mix

This is similar to the Amazon Crunch, but with almonds and dried pineapple. Sad to say, but I'm not a fan of this pack. The dried pineapples tasted a little sour for me. I would only recommend you to go for Fortune Mix if you're a fan of almonds and cashew nuts. But if you're adventurous to try out new flavours, why not right? You get to subscribe and change your preferences every week/month anyway! 

Salted Caramel Clusters

Consisting a mix of Chia seeds, quinoa and sunflower seeds, the salted caramel clusters are packed with flavors and I love the crunch most! 

This actually reminded me of a childhood snack - colourful chocolate sunflower seeds sold in Mama shops. The taste might be quite different, but I vaguely remembered a slight resemblance. Sunflower seeds by its own already has a very distinctive taste which I love. I think it would go really well with yoghurt or ice creams! 

Jackie Chips

Basically Jackfruit chips, this has a very strong jackfruit taste. I was expecting to hear a crunch when I bite into it, but it has a more chewy texture, alike to the dried mango snack. I didn't really like the slight pungent smell of Jackfruit but the taste was quite good. It's like a love/hate thing with Jackie chips. I didn't exactly fancy the smell too much, but I can't help but take another piece after I'm done with one.

If you love dried mangoes, you have to order this!

Honey Chilli Nuts

If you are a spicy lover like me, you should give this a try too! One of my favourites. The sweetness from the honey balances the spiciness. It would be better if the kick is stronger, but I'm happy with these. It's good to keep as office snacks too, especially if you need to stay awake. #CoffeeDoesNotWorkSometimes

When potato chips are becoming too unhealthy for your daily/weekly intake, these snack boxes are viable options to satisfy your snack cravings. I love how you are able to "customise" the boxes to your preferences and dietary needs. And new snacks every month, I wouldn't say no to it! I'm usually not very loyal to my snacks as I will often get bored if I eat too much of the same food. Being able to have a flexible subscription where you can pause or change the frequency at any point of time is great! At least I don't have to commit and pay for the entire year. No harm trying out 1 or 2 boxes first right?

Thank you Made Real SG for sending me a healthy snack box for the review! 

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

GIVEAWAY | Monice Bakes x Be Crafty Sg

Have you all seen my new design lately? Cactus/ Succulent cupcakes are so cute! If you missed my Bakesale that week, good news for y'all because I have teamed up with Be Crafty for a bundled giveaway filled with attractive prizes (all plant-related for all the plant and greenery lovers)! Quickly scroll down and join if you haven't! 

Each lucky winner will walk away with a set of 6 Cactus cupcakes 🌵, 100g Butter cookies 🍪 and you will get to customize your unique set of Terrarium worth $20 🌿!!! (1 BONUS winner will receive extra 2 Unicorn Cupcakes) 🦄

I really enjoy the customize element of Be Crafty because who doesn't love personalized gifts! It will be a perfect gift for your friend/ family/ loved one or even a little treat for yourself! 


Don't forget to join my giveaway! And stay tuned for more on my Facebook/ Instagram page! 

Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Flame Cafe 4 Tier Pagoda Steamboat

If I only had to eat 1 type of meal for the rest of my life, what would it be? HOT POT!!! Not sure if I'm supposed to pick a specific type of ingredient but if there's a choice I would gladly choose hotpot (and probably become fat from it too). I searched online for affordable steamboat restaurants and found out about The Flame Cafe - which serves a 4 tier Pagoda steamboat with cheesy dip to satisfy your mookata or steamboat cravings. Is it worth it? Read more to find out!

There's 3 different levels to choose from the Pagoda buffet - Deluxe ($19.90), Premium ($29.90) and Supreme ($38.90). You can view their menu below.

It was fully booked when we reached the restaurant, but lucky for us , we made a reservation at 830pm. The place is located near Taiseng MRT and I also had direct bus to the place.

Do take note that Flame Cafe is also halal certified!

We went for the Premium Buffet as anything below wasn't worth it and anything above was too expensive. I think we made the right choice as we ended up spamming the seafood in the end. The meat selection is pretty decent but given the lack of space, there was a mini crowd at the buffet counter. Small issue though as I noticed that they refill the portions sufficiently.

For premium buffet, we can choose 2 soup bases and we picked the Chicken and Tom Yam (our standards). The soup was quite delicious, not top notch quality but enough to keep me addicted for a good whole 2 hours. The chicken soup is in a milky white type instead of a clear base (something that I prefer). Another bonus point.

Talking about convenience of cooking, i find it a little challenging to cook the food as the tiers seem to be blocking each other. The food also sticks on the aluminium foil quite a bit.

2 fresh oysters were included in our buffet for the premium selection too. 

As for food quality, you just cannot expect too much. It was a hit and miss between some meat choices. I personally prefer to have the marinated chicken which is somewhat similar to Seoul Garden's style. After 1-2 rounds of beef and chicken, we targeted on spamming the seafood instead (More worth it!). We ordered the Crayfish in 10s as requested by bf. From the springy and bouncy texture, we could tell that the crayfish is fresher compared to other places that we have tried before.

The marinated squid was quite disappointing and we hardly finished any. Anyway it also looks like a pile of worms.. haha. We both prefer the cute little squids which is more springy and fresh. I couldn't bring myself to eat a second piece after trying one.

I was quite upset when we were told that the aluminium foil cannot be changed after it has been burnt. Apparently, we were supposed to finish dining within 2 hours and they refused to change the burnt foil. There is no problem with limiting the dining time, but we felt that this could be informed at the start as many BBQ restaurants allow changing of the hot plate. The service standards dropped after we dined for 2 hours as well. Not sure if it's just a coincidence but they stopped refilling our soup, and took quite long to attend to us when we called for the staff.

Just a short rant here, with the substandard service with okay sort of food, I doubt I will return again. But the restaurant is still packed with people and it's highly recommended to make a reservation if you are interested in trying it out.

They also offer a DIY pizza corner which could be quite an interesting activity for the younger adults! We did not try it though.

The Flame Cafe

Level 1, 73 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534818

Contact: 6282 0251

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Easy & Affordable Printing with Gogoprint | Monice Bakes

Branding is always important for any businesses and I have been looking for cheap and good printing services in Singapore. Unfortunately, most of the quotations that I received were way beyond my budget. Maybe they print on gold, but the prices really don't justify for a small business like mine. Thankfully, there is Gogoprint Singapore which offers sticker printing services at almost half the prices compared to the rest of the companies I have searched online!

Gogoprint provides printing services for a variety of business materials such as business cards, digital booklets, stickers, calendars, flyers, gift vouchers, posters, etc.

No joke, but I was genuinely surprised about the affordability. I can already foresee myself ordering business materials from them in the future, in fact I have already ordered once for my vouchers in collaboration with a school.

Gogoprint also sent me some physical samples of the different materials when I was in doubt about which type of stickers to order - simili or mirrorcoat.

In case you have the same question too, here's a simple explanation - Simili paper is more natural like a normal paper and you can also write on it easily, whereas Mirrorcoat paper is slightly more glossy and has the shine, more suitable for brand stickers in my opinion.

I ordered the 3 x 3cm in mirrorcoat (Full colour on front) with no finishing and placed on A4 sheet.
TOTAL = $51.40

1000 = $49.30
2000 = $51.40

I think we clearly know which is more worth it right? And $50+ for 2000 pieces is really really cheap!

The ordering process is rather fuss-free and convenient too! It's pretty much self explanatory from the photo below. Select your format, material type, finishing, sticker shape, etc etc.

If you require a rushed delivery, just click on the preferred date with your preferred quantity to check what is the total quotation. 

To ensure timely delivery, you have to check that your artwork fulfils the basic requirements and is in the correct image format. On my side, I emailed Gogoprint customer service to double check the quality of the image before I send it out for printing. Kudos to them for being so helpful! 

The stickers are really useful for my individual cookie bags as it acts as a advertising material for me when my customers give out these cookies to their friends/colleagues. And of course, it is also a representative of my brand - Monice Bakes! I haven't tried ordering name cards from Gogoprint as I still have a huge stack to use up. But I saw their sample namecards and I think the quality is decent for the price.

Find out more about their printing services on their website!

Thank you Gogoprint for the collaboration!