Sunday, 15 October 2017

Platform 1094 | Wizard Theme Cafe for the Harry Potter fans out there

Hello Kitty Cafe, Superhero Cafe, Gudetama Cafe, and many more. Singapore has recently caught up with the cartoon cafe trends and more restaurants with unique character themes are seen sprouting up everywhere. If you are not into the cutesy girly themes, why not try out the magical wizardry cafe - Platform 1094 in the heartland of Serangoon?

I was deciding between a Superhero or "Harry Potter" themed cafe to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday, but decided on the latter as I have also not visited this place before, and yes I want to take videos of their signature cocktail drink! #hiddenmotive #stillasurprise

I tried to make a booking beforehand but reservations are only allowed at certain timings and there was a private event at 3pm. Thankfully, we only waited about 10-15 minutes before getting a table. The cafe is a little small hence there may be some constraints in taking photos especially if you are taking a small table. No complaints though!

Cafes/ Restaurants with interactive elements are really attractive, at least to me for sure. I love that there are props and figurines available at the shelf to complement your food photography. Kids will probably be fascinated with the wands as they can pretend being a wizard. I thought that the wand props are really cute even though they are not part of the Harry Potter wand series.

Platform 1094 menu:

The Goblet of Fire ($15; contains alcohol) is a recommended choice, not for the taste but the novelty. Once again, if you can play with the food, it's a yes for me.

My bf find the drink very normal and nothing impressive. The drink is ignited with a blowtorch before we shake in cinnamon powder to create the sparks and flames. It is definitely insta-worthy, but is it worth  $15? That depends on your priorities. For me it's a yes, but I will only order it once.

Wild Mushroom Soup ($9) was slightly high on the price tag but it was the best dish of the day. In the first place, the cauldron already won my heart. The ingredients were perfectly balanced with the right amount of thickness, taste and texture, with real mushroom bits. I'm a fan of truffle oil and mushroom soups go really well with truffle. In fact, this was one of the better mushroom soups I have ever tried. 

I ordered the Crab Meat Aglio Olio ($17) and bf had the Labanese Grilled Chicken Pasta ($16). While we find the flavours unique compared to other cafes, the execution fell short of my expectations. I have to say they were really generous in the portion especially the flying fish roe. But with all the overall ingredients added together, I found the flavor too overpowering for my palate. I wish they could tone down the taste a little more.

I also find the lunch/brunch menu lacking in terms of variety, perhaps it would be a better choice to visit Platform 1094 for dinner when there are more meat choices on the menu.

I reserved their signature dessert - Bloodberry ($18; contains alcohol) to surprise my bf instead of a cake as I have already prepared a cake for him during dinner together with our friends.

Bloodberry includes 2 chocolate ball shells, 1 filled with yoghurt parfait, and the other with Hoegaarden Rosee mousse, topped with berry foam and honey caviar. From an unbiased perspective, $18 for fine dining desserts seem like a reasonable price to me, and the food plating was quite exquisite. Taste wise, I wouldn't say it impressed me much as the the flavours were not that noticeable.

Perhaps it's just us, but we would rather pay for the normal cake slices.

While the food isn't really to our liking, I personally feel that it is still worth a visit for the Harry Potter/ Wizard theme, especially if you are really into character or themed cafes. The staff managing the Facebook was really helpful in sending me information about the desserts and helping me arrange the surprise!

Oh and did you know that Platform 1094 is under Fresh Fruits Lab? Read my review here:

Platform 1094:

1094 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328192
Contact: 6204 6003

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Media Invite: Golden Autumn Celebrations @ RWS

Did you have a great Mid Autumn Festival last week? The festive celebration isn't over yet at RWS, and if you are finding new activities to spend some quality time with your family, you can consider heading to Golden Autumn Celebrations - A 3D Light, Lanterns, Food and Entertainment Festival to enjoy a fun evening together! (Opened till 12 November 2017)

Get ready to be treated to beautiful lanterns brought in from Chengdu (成都), with a spectacular 3D light show on a 12 metres high giant porcelain vase structure. Skip your usual dinner and head in for a hearty meal as free-flow food will be included in your entry fee! Sichuan delicacies are prepared by invited chefs.

Mid-autumn illumination magic is spread across 3 different zones - China Fantasy, Silk Road Fantasy and Childhood Fantasy.
The most attractive segment about this event is the exciting cultural life performance which includes puppet, martial arts, stunt performances and more. It's something not to be missed! Some of the stunts such as the cup tossing were quite impressive to watch. You get to witness Shaolin monks displaying their martial art skills in this 45 min performance too.

Show Timing: 6:30pm-7:15pm and 8:30pm-9:15pm.

The China Fantasy zone includes instagram-worthy lantern pieces that are inspired by renowned Chinese icons such as porcelain vases, the iconic cute panda character, and ancient Chinese architecture including the ancient palace. 

Unfortunately, my family missed the 3D light show which is a five-minute performance depicting the endearing classic tale of Moon Goddess Chang’e (嫦娥) and her beloved husband Hou Yi (后羿).

I have to take a photo with 财神爷 for more luck to my business! 

The Childhood Fantasy Zone diplay light lanterns that represent the 12 Zodiacs. My brother also made me recite my little "Zodiac poem" which was etched in my head for probably more than 15 years of my life ever. It's the easiest way to memorize the sequence of each zodiac animal. Oh but don't ask me about the origin of each animal, I cannot remember at all. 

Here it goes:


There are also true-to-life dinosaur figures that tower over six metres high which could interest young kids more. This fantasy-like play area also includes an interactive LED dance floor and LED swings to ensure that your kids do not feel left out. 

Not kids anymore, but my brother and I were quite excited about the LED swings. #childhood

Silk Road Fantasy zone brings to life the historical journey across China’s vast landscape where trade discoveries and cultural exchanges meet at the crossroads. The most beautiful structure in this zone is the pair of Swan lanterns which looks really elegant and pretty.

Bumped into Christine at the event too! (Photo credit:

Ticketing details:

Golden Autumn Celebrations (金秋3D灯光秀•美食节)

Duration: 1 October 2017 (Sunday) to 12 November 2017 (Sunday)

Located at: Resorts World Sentosa, Waterfront

Tickets can be purchased via: (65) 6348 5555 | | Resorts World Sentosa’s attractions ticketing booths and RWS Invites Counters |

Standard tickets: $15 (Mon-Thurs), $18 (Fri-Sun, PH)

Child tickets (4 to 12 years old): $12 (Mon-Thurs), $15 (Fri-Sun, PH)

Senior Citizen (60 and above): $8 (Mon-Thurs), $9 (Fri-Sun, PH)

(Promotion for NTUC members, check more information on the website)

As it's a ticketed event, don't worry too much about the crowds! You will definitely have plenty of space and time to take as many photos as you wish. It's a fun-filled event with food & entertainment that is perfect for family and friends who wish to spend some time during the Mid-Autumn festival period.

Thank you Golden Compass for the invite!

Photos credit: Colman (

Friday, 6 October 2017

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant @ Asia Square

Sinful food will always be a temptation that I cannot resist no matter how hard I try and Peking Duck is surely one of the top favourite sinful delicacies on my list! I love to eat most kinds of meat skins - chicken skin, roasted pork skin, fried fish skin, and of course roasted Peking duck skin!! Recently, I went to Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant and it is one of the better restaurants which serves Peking duck (As you can already tell from its name) for $88. 

Don't you think that the glistening skin looks super inviting? You can eat them off the plate just like that or dip the skin with just a small amount of sugar. The sweetness of the sugar balances the savoury taste of the duck, it paired surprisingly well! 

Firstly, lay a paper-thin crepe onto your plate. Add a piece of crispy roasted duck skin and a piece of meat (for that extra goodness). Garnish with spring onions, cucumber and their specialty duck sauce. Wrap it up and pop it into your mouth!

The duck at Imperial Treasure has the perfect crispy texture, the meat was also juicy and tender. Dry meat is a no-no because it would be so difficult to chew on.

Some restaurants serve a different kind - egg yellow crepe which is similar to Western style crepe. I used to love that but I realized the real goodness comes from the real Peking duck crepe with the color similar to a Tortilla wrap (But much thinner and softer).

I had the most memorable Peking duck meal at Macau earlier this year and that was so far the BEST peking duck I ever had. Besides the main reason that the ducks were roasted over charcoal, the crepe/pancake (whatever it is called) were placed over a small heating pot to keep it warm till the very last piece.

The scallop was another centrepiece of the meal due to its freshness and great taste. Freshly flown in daily from Scotland, no wonder the scallop costs a whopping $26!

The chicken and vegetables unfortunately fell short of its usual standards. You can already see from the photo that the chicken skin is dry and lacks the glistening touch of oil. The plating also looks substandard and the chicken is overly salted or marinated for my family's palate.

The vegetables are slightly better but it was still salty - probably due to fermented bean paste for flavoring.

My dad celebrated his belated birthday at the restaurant and Imperial Treasure did a fantastic job with the longevity bun dessert as an alternative of a birthday cake. The wordings are a little hard to read from the photo due to the light reflection of the cling wrap.

We went there for dinner on a Sunday and Asia Square Tower is usually a ghost town as offices are all closed. To my surprise, the restaurant was quite fully booked! This really shows something, isn't it?

My dad always goes for regular dinners at Imperial Treasure with his work partners/ colleagues and he always tells my family that the restaurant manager, Erica is a commendable staff with really friendly service. I've been there a few times so far and I have to agree that the customer service level of this restaurant is worth a special mention based on my personal experience.

Typing this post makes me really crave for some Peking Duck now! Hope to visit the place soon again with my family! But next time round I will save my stomach for just the duck!

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant 

8 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1, #02-08/09/10, 018960
Contact: 6636 1868

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Movie Review: Bad Genius (2017)

"Best Thai movie ever"
"Surprising funny and interesting!"
"One of the most thrilling movies I ever watched"
These are just some of the Bad Genius movie reviews I saw on GV website with over 40 ratings and 4.5 stars. I told my bf about it and he responded me with "Really meh?"

Before the movie was even released, I watched the trailer and was already intrigued with the storyline, but I didn't expect that the execution of the whole plot was that good (according to the reviews). Bad Genius was released in early August and I was surprised and obviously excited to see a few time slots left at Plaza GV last week.

If you have not watched the trailer, let me summarize it for you:

Lynn is a really intelligent and genius high school student at school and befriended Grace, who is academically challenged in contrast to her. Lynn started to help Grace cheat during one of the examinations, which eventually transformed into a money-making tool for herself with the help of Grace's rich boyfriend, Pat. As the number of "clients" grew, she created a hand signal tool inspired from piano pieces. When her cheating was found out by the school, she was banned from the scholarship. Pat and Grace convinced her to help them cheat in the STIC - an international standardised test for university admissions, earning them millions.


I'm no cheater at school, but watching some bad student go deviant against moral and school rules does have some kind of adrenaline rush. #dontjudge

Some say that they were kept at the edge of their seats throughout the whole movie, yea I had a similar feeling too. I was fascinated by their intelligent methods used to cheat. The piano playing method was brilliant, you could have seen my jaws dropped with the method they used to cheat at the STIC. Like WOW!

I like how they occasionally incorporated witty jokes that brought out the characters' personality while at the same time keeping you captivated with the movie. 

Bad Genius also has good story twists, not anything too major though. The story also teaches us about moral struggles in life if you are looking for something deeper.

Did they succeed in their cheating scheme? Watch and find out!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Plan your holidays with Traveloka | Flight and Accommodation

Planning for holidays can be a nerve-wrecking process especially if you don’t have a lot of free time to spare. And I have not even mentioned about the dilemma issues that comes along with the planning process. #firstworldproblems. Traveloka is an online travelling website for you to save on Flights and Hotels, with over 15 million users already!

Personally, Accommodation is one of the most essential decisions to tackle first, like duh. You won’t want to travel all the way to another country just to find out that you don’t like the hotel. I cannot stop emphasizing on how research is so important. As much as spontaneity has its own attractiveness to some, I’m the kind of traveller who prefers to plan every single detail.

Don’t leave out flights too! It can take up a huge chunk of your travelling expenses and I’d rather spend my money on food and shopping! It’s convenient when you can purchase both the air tickets and hotel stay on the same platform so that it is easier to track.

The Traveloka website is also really user-friendly and convenient to use! Let me run you through the simple steps in a while!

Oh! Did you know that Traveloka was also part of KL 2017 as one of their Gold Sponsors to promote the SEA Games last month. 

How to book your hotel through Traveloka?

1) Under the hotel tab, pick your destination, date of travel and number of guests/rooms

The app/website will filter the available hotels during the period of dates you have selected to narrow down your search.

2) Filter your search from the left sidebar

Usually, I have a strict set of requirements when booking for my hotel stay. Budget is a must of course! For example, I usually try to keep my budget to $100 per night in Bangkok. I am also very particular about the ratings and reviews. Hence, I will always pick from 4-5 star ratings only. I also don’t want to stay in apartments or hostels. You can filter your search according to your personal requirements, which makes it easier to make a decision!

3) Click “See Room” and you can find out more information about the hotel on the next page.

On this page, you can find more details such as room types, prices, nearby attractions, hotel facilities, and reviews from other customers.

The ratings are categorized into 5 different types – Cleanliness, Comfort, Meal, Location and Service. At least you know the standard of quality for each particular segment. Reviews are really important to me because it’s definitely more genuine based on their own experiences.

4) Click “Book Now” when you have made the decision.

Remember to log in as Traveloka Club Member and you can get access to deals up to 25% off! Such a bonus steal!

There is also absolutely no additional fee other than tax recovery charges.

Overall, I like how the Traveloka website is very easy to navigate around, user-friendly and informative. I like how they have a Live Chat function that makes enquiries so much more hassle-free. Download the Traveloka App to find out more!

Enjoy your planning!